What Giveaways Should Your Business Have?


Are you having a business giveaway? Many businesses put promotional items together as a part of their marketing plan. This is especially important if they are headed to a trade show or somewhere where having something free to give away will not only allow more people to come to your booth and speak with you but will allow people to use your items in the future and have your name and information on it. These 8 items are perfect to have for this situation.

Gelpax ice packs
An ice pack is something that many people can utilize. They probably won’t be using it at that moment, but they can bring home to gelpax promo ice packs and throw it in the freezer for another day. When they take it out and use it in the future then they are being reminded of your business. Especially since when they are using the ice packs just sitting there, they are more likely to read it and remember your business. Depending on who your target audience is, a Gelpax ice pack can be a great promotional item to give away.

One can never have enough t-shirts. The best part about giving away a t-shirt is that it ends up being a walking billboard for your business. They are walking around with your business name, perhaps your business logo and slogan too. They are easy for your marketing team to put together a lot of them too. The only negative with t-shirts is getting the right sizes. If you get a number of different sizes but the majority being mediums and larges this will be able to cover a large number of the people receiving them. You also can have them for your employees to wear when they are out and about networking to ensure they have your business on their shirt. Think of what people would like on their shirt and what will look nice. You want it to be pleasing on the eyes so that not only does the person want to wear it, but people seeing the t-shirt for the first time like it too.

Who wants a warm beer? Not most people. That is why a koozie is an easy promotional gift you can hand out at an event with your business information on it. People don’t set their drink down typically, so just like the T-shirt, the person using the koozie will be a walking billboard for your business. You can either pass them out if the event audience is the proper age or it seems appropriate or you can add it to a basket with additional items inside of it.

Bobbleheads can be a lot of fun. Does your business have a mascot? You can put them on a bobblehead and hand them out. Children will love them and you can enjoy it too if you work at a desk and have it sitting there. You always want the promotional items to be practical so that they keep it but also fun so that it will remind them of your business in the future and you are putting your business branding into the world.

Stress balls
Who doesn’t need stress balls? Chicken enjoy playing with them and you enjoy using them on those not so fun days. Again, you can hand these out of having them included in a basket with a lot of larger items. They are good for passing out too because they are small so they can fit in someone’s purse which makes them less likely to be thrown away and can go into smaller areas because they can be pushed into them.

A magnet for the fridge
Of course, this may not seem exciting for kids or when you are first giving them out, but a magnet can mean automatic business for your company in the future. If you have an emergency business and you happen to be on a family’s fridge, they will most likely automatically call you instead of cruising through the internet in order to find a company for their last-minute needs and wants. You can slide it in by dropping it off in neighborhoods or having a part of a basket.

Pens are easy in case they need it quickly. Many people go through a lot of pens and it is easy branding and marketing for a company when they are writing notes or just have it around the house or work and has your companies information on it. Again, this is something that you can add to a little promotions package. They also are great to have at the front of a store that people can grab for free on their way in or out.

A mug is a practical item that people love having in their home. This is especially good if you know the people are adults and they are coffee drinkers. A mug can have things inside of it like magnets, pens, even coffee grounds or it can be plain and by itself.

Note pad
An eco-friendly note pad is always a great promotional gift item to throw in as well if you are making a basket. Simply put your website or business on each page for marketing purposes.

These 8 promotional items are all different and most are very affordable for your business to make quickly. They are sure people will end up coming back to your business in the future and remember it when they are in the market for a service you have or an item they are looking to purchase. There are a lot of other options out there too but these 8 are easy and popular among many people and businesses.

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