What Are The Benefits Of Having Pet Chickens?



Are you considering having a pet chicken? Perhaps you are unsure of the benefits of them and didn’t realize that actually was a THING. We are here to tell you that pet chickens are a thing and there are so many great qualities to them. Keep reading as our experts explain the exact benefits of pet chickens and why they may be a great addition to your family.

They get rid of ticks
The first benefit is that any ticks around your home are suddenly gone. Chickens like ticks. They find them wherever they are hiding and get rid of them for you. Ticks can be terrible. Whether you have children. Whether you have a dog. No one wants ticks in their homes. If you have a pet chicken, it is able to get rid of it for you.

They lay fresh eggs
How amazing are fresh eggs? Not only are they fresh, but they also save you money, and they are so healthy for you. If you have a chicken around your home, then you can enjoy fresh eggs every single morning. If you want to offset the cost of having a chicken then you can even sell them and enjoy making some money for your family. People love fresh chickens and they really do notice a difference so they are willing to pay more than they would at the grocery store. You will have enough eggs to feed your entire family for many breakfasts to come!

They teach children about responsibility
Are your children responsible? Do they understand what it takes to keep someone or an animal alive? Having a pet will show your children just that. It can be hard to help a child to understand so showing them is the best way to show them responsibility. Something like a dog can be a lot of work for your family. It also can end up being very expensive. When you have a pet chicken you can instead teach your children feeding it daily and caring for it without the additional responsibilities. They also will learn how they lay eggs and you can educate them in the process.

They are fun to look at
Let’s be honest, chickens are fun! Whether you think they are relaxing when you are sitting in your backyard, they are a conversation starter, or you have company over and they can enjoy the chickens, they are fun to be around and fun to look at.

They can develop a relationship with you
If you love animals then you will love chickens. Chickens, like many other animals, will allow you to have relationships with them. That means you can leave their manners, you can learn the funny things they do, and you can learn more about them. You can enjoy the chickens and even build a bond with them. How great is that?

Create extra fertilizer
Fertilizer is great for the entire area of your home. It is like a vitamin for your garden. The goods news is that chickens will allow you to easily have a lot of fertilizer. Many people spend a lot of money purchasing fertilizer and you now can get it for free.

Clean your yard
Chickens will clean your yard when you allow them to roam through it. Make sure to have it completely blocked off or they will end up running into your neighbor’s yard, across the street, or elsewhere and it can be almost impossible to catch them after that. If you do have your yard gated off they are able to the road around it and actually eat the weeds and clean it for you.

Easy to take care of
Chickens are very easy to take care of. They need feeding once per day and that’s about it. They will do the rest all on their own. That is one of the reasons why chickens make such great pets.

Home-grown meat
Although if you make the chicken your pet you may not want to do this, every person and family is different. There is nothing like homegrown meat. Whether you want to sell the meat or you want to eat it yourself, when you raise your own chickens you can end up doing the work yourself and end up getting even better than organic meat – you can end up getting meat that is raised by you in a healthy way, it was not in a coop, it was not running around with others at all time that may have had diseases, and it will end up being the best and healthier meat you’ve ever had. If that makes you uncomfortable, that’s okay. You can always simply leave it as a pet chicken.

As you can see, chickens can make great pets. Not only will they be a friendly pet for you but they will end up being so helpful around your hard, lay eggs for you and your family to eat, and you can even teach your children all about them. Hopefully, this article helped and you are on your way to a wonderful and loyal chicken as your pet. Good luck!

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