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Posted By : Forum Administrator - 11/22/2007 10:56 AM
Tired of a slow Internet Connection? Test your speed here and see if your Internet Service Provider is actually giving you the speed you are paying for. As seen on CBC Market Place Nov 21, 2007.
When the telephone and cable companies are trying to sell you internet access, speed is everything. Some promise speeds of "up to 8Mbps." Some go as high as "up to 25Mbps." But how well do they explain what those numbers mean?

Pay attention to two small but important words: "up to." Sometimes they can be a shorthand way of saying "up to a theoretical maximum speed you may not actually experience, because your wires are old, or you have a lot of neighbours sharing the connection, or because we're still upgrading our equipment in your area."
If you find you are not getting the connection you pay for due to your Internet Service Provider, and not an issue on your end, you can simply down grade your Internet package. Why pay for speed that you are unable to get? When down grading ask your provider for a service that is more comparable to the speed you can receive. For example, if the speed test shows you are only getting 1300 Kbps, go with the package that offers around 1.5Mbps, not 3Mbps.
Your ISP is going to try and up-sell you to a "Faster Connection" and tell you that it is availiable in your area, but don't forget about their "UP TO" marketing scheme. Stand your ground and let your Provider know how unsatisfied you are and maybe one day we will all receive an internet connection we deserve and pay for.