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 North American Power Roundtable
Event Date :    10/26/2006  12:00 PM - 6:00 PM (GMT 0)
Posted By :    Forum Administrator
Event Details :    October 26 to October 26, 2006
North American Power Roundtable

Boston, MA
CERA is pleased to announce the upcoming North American Power Roundtable to be held at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Boston, MA on October 26, 2006. EVENT TOPICS Coal-Gas Competition. Despite heat waves this past summer, gas prices have declined sharply recently. Will declining gas prices affect near-term power generation dispatch? How will coal-gas competition affect coal and gas markets? Will changing fuel prices affect technology choices for new power plants? Power Market Balance. Reserve margins are shrinking, but there is not enough new power plant development in some regions. Are power market prices sending signals to build new plants? What are the new resource adequacy rules and practices? Will new supply arrive in time to meet growing demand? Will changing relative fuel prices add another layer of supply uncertainty? Environmental Incrementalism. Over time, constraints on power plant emissions have been tightened to reduce emissions and broadened to include more pollutants, exerting a profound impact on the power business. A group of US Northeast states and California are moving forward with programs on carbon dioxide (CO2) restrictions. Is federal restriction on CO2 next? What are the drivers and signposts? What will be the likely timing and characteristics of a federal CO2 policy? Valuation of Assets and Companies. Power plant valuations have rebounded. Will valuations reach replacement costs and stimulate new supply? Will current enthusiasm for wires investments be sustained? What are the lessons learned from post-PUHCA mergers and acquisitions? Does earnings quality matter in the power business?
Contact:  1-617-866-5992

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