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 Practical Drillstem Test (DST) Interpretation
Event Date :    4/7/2006  8:00 PM (GMT 0)
Posted By :    Forum Administrator
Event Details :    April 3 to April 7, 2006
Practical Drillstem Test (DST) Interpretation

This 5 day course is designed for exploration, engineering and drilling personnel involved in making operational decisions based on DST results, who use DST data in general exploration/exploitation work, or who use maps and pressures in correlation work. A mostly non numerical approach is taken, focusing on qualitative DST pressure chart troubleshooting / interpretation and “quick & dirty” ways to assess a well’s potential from a DST. A complete set of course materials containing over 60 examples of DST charts which can be used for troubleshooting problem DST’s later are provided. Lunches are also included.

Course Outline:
Pretest Planning and Design
Equipment Fundamentals
Use of Water and Nitrogen Cushions
Types of DST's (Straddle, Bottom Hole, Multiple Resets) and Their Applications
Using DST Charts to Recognize Formation Damage, Depletion, High/Low Permeability
Troubleshooting for Tool Plugging, Valve Leaks, Packer Failure Flowrate Estimation in Low Oil Rate DST's
Flowrate Verification of Field Measured Gas Rates
Horner Plots - Stable Reservoir
Pressure and Boundary Effects
Type Curves and Other Interpretive Plots
Differentiating Between True Depletion and 'Supercharge'
Rapid Determination of Permeability, Skin, P.I., AOF, Stabilized Flowrates Rapid Determination of Time Until Well Stabilizes
Retrieving Information From Old Well Cards or Summary Reports
Completion-Abandonment Decisions Based on Marginal DST Results
Closed Chamber DST Applications - Tight Gas, Sour Gas, Secrecy Significance of 'Oil Cut Mud' Recoveries and 'tstm' Gas Rates This course is only offered outside Canada.

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