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July 19, 2006
Today's Events :
5th Annual Atlantic oil & Gas Symposium

Event Date :  eu-US  12:00 AM - 9:00 PM (GMT 0)
Posted By :  Forum Administrator
Event Details :  July 18 to July 19, 2006
5th Annual Atlantic Oil & Gas Symposium

Halifax Marriott Harbourfront, Halifax, NS, Canada
There are a number of factors that make Atlantic Canada one of the most challenging high potential regions in which to operate but there are also unique opportunities that you need to know about when doing business in this market.
The easy to find oil and gas reserves are well documented in Atlantic Canada but there are still exceptional opportunities yet to be discovered throughout the region. Practically untapped; the sleeping giants that are the Laurentian and Orphan Basins seem poised to represent the biggest developments in Canadian conventional oil and gas in decades. LNG and CNG projects are moving forward rapidly unlocking Atlantic Canada’s potential to be a supply hub for energy hungry markets in the Northeast US. Unconventional gas and shale oil are also creating a buzz of excitement.
The main challenge in Atlantic Canada is defining the opportunities that will propel it to the next level moving forward. How are companies identifying offshore and unconventional opportunities that will be economically viable? What is the fastest way to regulatory approval? What policy and regulatory changes are planned and how will they impact E&P? How are companies dealing with high well costs and limited rig availability?
The Canadian Institute’s 5th Atlantic Oil and Gas Symposium will address the challenges facing the industry and explore the opportunities that are developing in this demanding but promising area.
Benefit from in-depth discussion on:
* The latest policy and regulatory initiatives: Will they be enough to kick-start E&P?
* LNG, CNG and pipelines projects: How will new infrastructure in the region impact the industry and create new opportunities?
*From science to seismic: What new techniques and studies are helping to lessen the risks and costs of exploration?
*Activity overview: What production projects are planned and underway in the region?
*Getting there from here: What needs to be done to ensure Atlantic Canada’s future matches its potential?

The Canadian Institute’s 5th Atlantic Oil and Gas Symposium brings together key producers, pipeliners, government officials and industry experts to talk about the latest developments and challenges facing the industry. As the oil and gas industry continues to increase activity it is vital to connect with and learn from influential players involved with this excellent economic opportunity. Don’t miss two days of information, education, and professional association.

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Applied Hydrodynamics In Exploration And Production

Event Date :  eu-US  8:30 AM - 4:30 PM (GMT 0)
Posted By :  Forum Administrator
Event Details :  

July 18 to July 19, 2006
Applied Hydrodynamics In Exploration And Production
London, United Kingdom

This 2-day course presents practical and proven techniques for using hydrogeological principles, concepts and industry methods in exploring for subsurface oil and gas accumulations, evaluating the hydrocarbon resource potential of basins, and assessing the effects of moving formation water on oil pool size, shape, location, pressure and producability. The course draws from over twenty-five years of industry experience in Canada, the Atlantic, the North Sea, the western U.S., Ecuador, East and North Africa, and includes a blend of petroleum geology, subsurface hydrogeology, mapping, and graph construction using routinely available industry Well, Log, DST and RFT data. The textbbook for the course, "Applied Hydrodynamics in Petroleum Exploration”, was authored by the instructor.

Fluids, Subsurface Pressures and Gradients
Formation Pressure Measurements, DST and RFT
Fluid Environments, Flow and No-Flow
Potential Energy in Fluids and Electrical Analogs
Rock Grain Systems, Pore Spaces, and Capillarity
Mechanics of Abnormal Pressures
Uses for Pressure-Depth Relationships
Potentiometric Map Construction and Utilization, and Subsurface Waterflow
Pressure Correlations of Geologic Units and Reservoirs
Recognizing Tilted Oil-Water Contacts from Logs
Displaced Oil and Gas Pools
Construction of Entrapment Potential Cross Sections
U,V,Z Map Constructions
Effects of Facies, Structure, and Water Movement on Entrapment and Migration
Hydrodynamically-Influenced Plays, Prospects and Risk Elements
Examples, Case Histories, and Problems
July  2006

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