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May 23, 2006
Today's Events :
Introduction to Petroleum Refinery Processing

Event Date :  eu-US  8:30 AM - 4:30 PM (GMT 0)
Posted By :  Forum Administrator
Event Details :  

May 22 to May 23, 2006
Introduction to Petroleum Refinery Processing
London, United Kingdom

This popular 2-day course will present an overview of the modern, integrated petroleum refinery. Each refining process will be presented, covering operating description and conditions, feedstock and catalyst selection, product yields, and the relationship between process parameters, unit performance and product output and properties. Finally, future operations, including anticipated changes in crude oil and product slates will be recapped. Designed for refinery personnel seeking a thorough overview of the refining process, the course will also provide useful information to suppliers, crude oil traders, or those involved in financial assessment. A compete set of course materials and lunches are included.

Course Outline
Introduction to the Refinery Flow Sheet
Hydrocarbon Chemistry
Crude Oil: Properties, Tests, Sources, Assays
Fuel Products: Environmental Regs, Specs, MTBE
Atmospheric and Vacuum Distillation
Fluid Catalytic Cracking
Catalytic Reforming and Aromatics Recovery
Isomerization, Alkylation and Polymerization
Hydroprocessing for Sulfur, Nitrogen and Aromatics Reduction
Sweetening and Sulfur Recovery
Resid Processing: Coking, Hydrocracking etc
Refinery Options for Tomorrow's Cleaner Fuels
Future Refinery Configurations
Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering

Event Date :  eu-US  2:30 PM - 10:30 PM (GMT 0)
Posted By :  Forum Administrator
Event Details :  

May 23 to May 25, 2006
Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering
Houston, USA

This three-day course is designed for technical professionals and will introduce participants to the fundamental aspects of reservoir engineering. Theoretical concepts and equations will be presented in an effort to assist reservoir and exploitation engineers in their primary functions - the determination of oil and gas reserves and the maximization of hydrocarbon recovery under primary, secondary, and tertiary schemes. The session will include a number of relevant class problems and examples. A complete set of course materials and lunch are included.

Petroleum Geology
Rock and Fluid Properties
Reservoir Drive Mechanism
Reserves Determination: Volumetric and Material Balance
Decline Analysis
Empirical Production Forecast
Flow in Porous Media
Well Testing
Secondary and Tertiary Recovery Schemes
Waterflooding: Planning, Methods of Predicting Performance
Horizontal Well Applications
May  2006

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