Blueridge Water Hauling Ltd., in addition to providing drill water, potable water and water access to the oil and gas industry, also provides vegetation management services focused on plant sites, leases and right of ways   Blueridge Water Hauling Ltd. provides these services by developing, with clients, an integrated vegetation management program that evolves over a 3 to 5 year period.

Blueridge recognizes that each site is unique and may require a different approach or solution.  

A blanket approach of using non-selective or residual herbicides may not be appropriate.

Oil and gas companies have many stakeholders to satisfy.   Meeting legislated requirements may not be enough to satisfy local or community concerns.

Blueridge strives to provide a proactive approach to vegetatation management that meets the requirements of our client in regard to their sites and their stakeholders.  
An Integrated Vegetation Management Program provides safe, effective and economical services while achieving the greatest practical and environmental benefits for clients and their communities.

An Integrated Vegetation Management approach combines mechanical, biological and cultural vegetation methods to best achieve vegetation management.   Issues, goals and methods are defined and cross matched to ensure they are complementary and will satisfy cost requirements and concerns of the community.

An Integrated Vegetation Management approach saves the client time and money and minimizes environmental and safety liabilities.  

An Integrated Vegetation Management approach may:

  • form the basis of regulatory approval
  • provide a basis of comparing current techniques to industry standards
  • improve communications to employees, contractors, regulators and the local community about the client’s program
  • demonstrate that the client is doing everything a reasonable person would do to protect the environment, workers and the community from any negative consequences of their work
  • tie the plan to contract requirements to make sure that everyone is working to the same standards

Blueridge Water Hauling Ltd. is interested in working with clients who are interested in a proactive approach to integrated vegetatation management as a means of meeting or exceeding the requirements of their various stakeholders.  

The process includes the following elements:

  1. define the site and its vegetation
  2. define the goals of the program
  3. identify the best vegetation management methods available
  4. define sensitive environmental areas and community issues

For more information on how we can maintain your plant sites, leases and right of ways contact us at: 403.340.9328

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